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Serum & Wormhole

  • Improved swap interface on Serum

- Serum has open-sourced a very basic swap interface to convert serum liquidity to specific swap prices.  There are many possible improvements to the UI, such as a comparison against Pyth Network or CoinGecko prices, or better info for the user on the relationship between size and slippage.

  • Cross-chain farming/trading

- There are interesting opportunities for yield farming tokens native to one chain on another; for example right now there are high yields on Atrix and Raydium on various Wormhole-wrapped ERC-20s.  Build an app that aggregates yield farming opportunities, integrating Wormhole to move tokens from Ethereum, Terra, BSC, or Avalanche to Solana and automatically depositing them into yield farms.

- Relatedly, the interface could scan a user’s wallet and present the best yield opportunities (including from cross-chain usages) based on the tokens in their wallet.

  • Shopping list style trading

- Buyer is presented with a list of coins or tokens that belong to a specific category (e.g. metaverse).

- Buyer has the option of selecting which coins they would like to purchase with a total dollar value they would like to spend

- Program creates a list of Serum orders and sequentially sends those orders against the Serum DEX

  • Serum trading strategies to provide liquidity within EMA-defined bands

- Serum trading bots that implement a specific strategy (i.e “provide liquidity 5% above and below the 30 minute moving average")

- Users would have the ability to deposit funds into the protocol, choosing from a few reasonable choices of parameters (EMA length, market depth, etc.)

- The strategy would ideally reference Pyth Network for pricing

  • Crosschain trading platform - build serum swap or orderbook UI to trade *any* asset on solana / ethereum that uses wormhole


  • Swap integrated into transfer

- For tokens that have multiple native chains, such as USDC, users may expect that transferring native tokens from one chain to another will produce native tokens on the destination chain.

- For example, transferring ERC-20 USDC to Solana produces USDCet, but users might have expected it to produce SPL-USDC.

- This could be alleviated by combining the transfer with a swap.  The swap could be done against an AMM, or could be done by your new protocol.

  • Better wormhole UI for targeted use case

- A UI for a specific source and destination chain, leveraging the wormhole fungible token bridge, but with a simplified set of functions that are more appropriate to that use case.

  • (or similar) integration

- Integrate Wormhole NFTs with so that users can bridge tokens and then originate a loan

  • Cross-chain swap using Wormhole
  • Cross-chain router

- Router built into Wormhole UI: user specifies a source and destination token, and router identifies the most efficient route to achieve that. 

  • Money flow analytics tools

- Analytics tools to visualize the flow of assets across blockchains to generate insights on where assets are flowing

  • Wrapped token pool autobalancer

- There are pools of assets that should trade 1:1 on various chains, such as the USDCpo-USDC pool on Saber (USDC from Polygon vs SPL USDC), or the USDCso-USDC pool on Polygon Curve (USDC from Solana vs Polygon USDC).

- These pools can get unbalanced due to one-way flows.

- When this happens there may be an arbitrage opportunity to balance the pools.

- As an example, if the USDCpo-USDC pool on Saber consists mostly of USDCpo, while the USDCso-USDC pool on Curve on Polygon consists mostly of USDCso, then a user can arbitrage them as follows: starting from USDC (SPL) on Solana, swap into USDCpo, then send USDCpo over the Wormhole Bridge to Polygon (where it becomes USDC), then swap that into USDCso, then send that back over the bridge again to go back into SPL USDC.

- Build an app that does this on behalf of the user, perhaps taking a cut of the arbitrage profit.

  • Farming Aggregator

    Unified vault/pool whereby you deposit your funds into a single pool and the program routes your funds to the farm/pool with the best APY. Program uses wormhole to wrap tokens to deposit into whatever farm on whatever chain. User doesn't need to know where funds are necessary allocated and what APY they are getting per farm but probably best to give the most possible transparency
  • Teleportation App

    - User has SOL but wants to engage on Polygon, user can stick their SOL into a vault temporarily then unlock MATIC on Polygon, use it to fund certain operations and then deposit MATIC back into the protocol on Polygon and have the original SOL get unlocked. Ideally the transfer on the borrow side could be done without using gas.

    - This is similar to performing a "swap," without actually making a financial transaction, which is desirable from a tax perspective.



  • Debug Console for the Psy-Platform 

  • DataDog for PsyOptions

  • Automated Smoke Test for PsyOptions

  • Option Planner Interface

  • OptionMarket Generator Script

  • PsyOptions Leaderboard

More information about the specifications of these projects can be found in the PsyOptions Discord. PsyOptionsDAO is building an environment where the best and brightest minds can flourish, and with that in mind, aims to fund and reward all contributors, not just those who win the PsyOptions category.


  • Use Pyth price feeds to power on-chain allocation strategies. For example: allow users to invest in a fund that automatically chooses to buy and sell assets based on Pyth prices.
  • Use Pyth to power on-chain SAAS monetization strategies. For example: charge users a fixed amount of USD but collects tokens for payment, adjusting for tokens collected by leveraging a Pyth price feed.
  • Derive indexes and other novel data feeds from existing price feeds. For example, make an index of Solana DeFi tokens.
  • Insurance focused dApps.


  • Yield aggregator using Atrix farms
  • Dashboard showing Atrix pool stats (volume, number of trades, TVL, etc.)
  • Support Atrix wormhole token liquidity pools TVL